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August 26, 2012

Part II

You can take everything I have..

Warning:  This will be a long post. 🙂 In the last post I argued that if we accept the starting point of Total Depravity, then Calvinism makes perfect sense.  In other words, if in the sequential ordering of God’s redemptive plan, we begin with Adam’s fall—with that fall being complete so that man is utterly unable to respond to God—then God is the only one who can intervene in the process.  Therefore, Calvinism proposes that because man has sinned against God, God would be perfectly just to condemn mankind to eternal punishment.  He could have chosen to let mankind stay in its state and justice would be accomplished.  However, God offers free grace unconditionally to those whom he elects.  We may think it is “unjust” for God to choose some over others, but God didn’t have to choose anyone, and so for him to save even one person is an…

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