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August 24, 2012

I still find this two part post to be one of the most compelling arguments against Calvinism, if I do say so myself. 🙂

You can take everything I have..

2416216707_dd28c1e62d1Posting anything about Calvinism can be a frightening thing in the blogosphere, if for no other reason than it could potentially open a torrent of comments from believers with a desire to correct an “erring brother” to the point where my every waking hour could be spent responding to the comments and proof texts hurled my way (in love of course 🙂 ).  This subject used to consume my thoughts and spiritual searching, but living in Thailand (where Christianity is less than 1% of the population) tends to trivialize the need to duke it out.

However, occasionally I will be thinking about the topic (I can’t say I’ve been able to stop thinking about it entirely!), and thoughts will occur to me that I want to share. So here we go. But before we begin a couple of comments are in order:

  1. Feel free to stop by and comment. But…

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