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“God is the Way to Man”

October 8, 2010

The human value is not the ultimate, but only the penultimate value; the last, the highest value is God the Father.  He alone is the cause and the measure of all things, cause and measure of all valuations, cause and measure of all love.  Because this Father loves men — no matter whether they are good or bad — and because we prove ourselves His children precisely by showing that same love, are we to love men.  My relation to men has therefore its ultimate roots in a transcendental fact, namely in that fundamental relation of love in which God includes men, all men.  Man is a mystery.  He is the culmination-point of an eternal love which issues from God; a point in the actuality of the world where, as nowhere else, the love of God burns.  That is the reason why man is worth loving: not by reason of what he is in himself for for himself, but by reason of what he is for God; or in the language of theology: not for a natural but for a supernatural reason.  I shall never reach man by starting from the earth; I must first reach to heaven to find man through God.  I must first have God before I can have man.  God is the way to man…

The lover can reach his beloved only through God.  God alone can carry him over that dead point which lies between the ego and the alter and cannot be transcended by mere logic…Thus in every genuine, unselfish, serious love, belief in God is contained, even really presupposed.  No one has expressed this truth with greater profundity than the apostle of love, St. John: ‘Everyone that loveth is born of God and knoweth God.’

-Karl Adam

Taken from A Diary of Readings by John Baillie, Day 30

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  1. October 8, 2010 4:36

    Absolutely beautiful quote.

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