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September 7, 2010


Will You be conquered O Mighty One?  Will the
prayers of flesh avail with transcendence?
Will you stoop down and give me your ear?
Just for a moment.

I would speak ever so briefly of your condescension;
For I know that even as I ask You to be conquered,
my whispers have already pierced your heart
(Father, hear our prayers).

The omnipotent love longs to give way—
To become weak and vulnerable.
How is it so?  How does Your heart churn for
a bride that has fled the alter?
Not once, but innumerable times.
Why do You allow us, Your creation, to vanquish You (O Mighty One!)?

The wisdom of omnipotent Love!  I believe
I hear the answer:
A conquered love is a conquering love
A love that stoops low is a love that, in the end, cannot be defeated.
This love must end in resurrection.

In our shattering of your heart,
You have won ours.
Your bride has been won by Your victorious love.
O Mighty One
We adore you.

“The might of prayer is so great it has overcome both heaven and earth”
-Martin Luther

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