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A God Who Knows Heartbreak

July 26, 2010

A while back I re-posted a blog about heartbreak found here.  It continues to be popular and some have expressed that it has helped them in their own struggles with heartbreak.  I’m gratified by this, because I’m truly convinced that heartbreak is one of the most crippling experiences that humans can go through.

One of the most profound and powerful truths of the Christian faith is that in our suffering God suffers with us.  I know that this seems ridiculous at times, and for those wading (or drowning) in the rough waters of heartbreak, God can seem so far away.  Yet God is well-acquainted with heartbreak and grief.  Think about if for a minute.  In the scriptures, the Church is called the “Bride of Christ.”  We are the beloved of God.  Let that sink in for a minute.  In fact, let your paradigm be adjusted if you can, to see that God is not an emotionless, abstract, far-off deity, but instead, the most passionate, romantic, faithful lover in the universe.  What you have felt in the most beautiful exchange of love in your relationships, God has felt infinitely more for you and I.  I don’t think I’m overstating this.  GOD IS LOVE.

Yet, the scriptures also confess that as a bride, we have been horribly unfaithful.  The entire Bible is the story of the relentless pursuit of God towards his people, and their (and our) continual rejection of Him.  God knows heartbreak.  God knows unfaithfulness.  God knows rejection.  God is well-acquainted with our sorrow.

This morning, I read a heart-moving sermon on heartbreak; it’s what spurred this post.  If you are struggling with heartbreak (many of us are), then please, take time to read it here.  Often I find the treatment of relationships by Christian pastors to be superficial at best.  This sermon does not fit the mold.  It contains healing words.

You and I are not alone in our struggles here on this earth.  Hopefully we are surrounded by caring friends who are willing to help us carry our burdens.  But if not, know and believe that the God who hung every star in the sky, is a God of love.  And as such, He has wrestled with heartbreak.  Yet, unlike us–who tend to harden our hearts and close it off to healing love–God’s heart forever remains open and vulnerable in the hope that love will be restored.  God is willing to risk a broken heart for the chance to enjoy a loving marriage with his beautiful bride–you and me.

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  1. Mark Schaefer permalink
    November 14, 2010 2:01

    Thank you for the kind words about the heartbreak sermon. Our website has changed somewhat so I wanted to give you an updated link for your blog. The heartbreak sermon is now at Peace.

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