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School Chapel

May 19, 2009

Below some pics from the chapel that the school held on a weekly basis.  As this is a Christian school, we had a one hour chapel once a week.  During this time, we did praise and worship with two student bands, and teachers took turns speaking to the students.  At times this was a frustrating event, because it’s difficult week after week to present Christianity to Buddhist students.

Sometimes I question the whole concept of “Christian” school, because at times it seems like we are force-feeding the gospel down people’s throats.  I’ve seen three results from this.  The first is that students resist all the more strongly.  How would you like it if the best schools in the United States were Muslim and the only way to get a solid education was to send your children there, but by doing that your children were being exposed on a weekly basis to the rituals of Islam?  I’m not so sure I would be down with that.  Of course, the parents are aware that we will teach Christianity, but that hasn’t stopped me from considering its effectiveness and ethicality.

Second, the gospel becomes watered down and saturated by its constant presentation.  One way to really turn people off to the gospel, is to require it, present the same old thing over and over again (“Jesus died for your sins and loves you”) and teach Christianity as if it were a class.  I think some of the students at the school are incredibly interested in Jesus Christ, but want to know more about Christianity than the proverbial “For God so loved the world…”  Seeing this has cultivated a passion in my heart to convey the message of Christianity in authentic and relevant ways without compromising the radical nature of the message.  Christianity is anything but ordinary and boring.

The third result and the one that keeps me from completely downing Christian schools is that a few (a large minority for sure) either except the message of Christianity and choose to follow Christ, or become incredibly interested in Jesus Christ.  I think wanting to teach Christianity is a great thing!  In fact, I hope to do so some day and in some capacity; however, it’s how its done!  More often than not, it was the lifestyles of the teachers that attracted the students.  Find teachers who genuinely want to live the gospel, and the students will see it.  This process is much slower, but the effects are more certain.  Every now and then a message at chapel would engage the students in a real way.  Every now and then a devotion during devotional class would impact someone.  But, often we would have the opportunity to share life with students and have a voice in their lives.  I hope that they will trust us someday that our whole reason for being there and loving them, was because Christ was loving them through us.

So maybe I’m not against Christian schools after all, but against how many of them are run–hammering with the gospel rather than wooing with love.

Okay, that was an aside fore sure…but I went with it.  🙂  Now, here are some pictures of chapel.  I led the 8th grade team, and I did absolutely love that!  These kids are soooo cool, and they were a phenomenal band for their age.  This was one of the highlights of my year, so here are some pics for your enjoyment:

DSC_5443These are a couple of my students– Oom and YoYo.  Don’t let their faces fool you…these guys could get into the music every now and then.  🙂

DSC_5453They must have been talking about how cute their high school English teacher was! 😉  555…This is the equivalent as lol in English.  Our numbers are One-Two-Thre-Four-Five.  Theirs are Nueng-Song-Sam-Si-Ha.  Get it?  Ha-Ha-Ha = 555.  Pretty cool huh?

DSC_5450It must have been a slow song…

DSC_5485Teaching the difference between opposing theological truths.  JK.  Acutally, just letting the students vote between two songs:  “Marvelous Ligh”t or “No One Like You.”

I’ll end with a few picture of the band.  I miss these guys a lot, and they were a heck of a band.  I would take them to any church around and lead worship with them!



DSC_5552This is our “official” band pic.  🙂  Here’s to you, Ben, Got, Maprang, Ah, and Fa.  Love you guys!

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  1. May 22, 2009 12:34

    Since I’ve been reading your blog for awhile..but this one, I’m with you wholeheartedly!

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