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A Brief Thailand update

August 16, 2007

Hello friends and family (and readers)!

I apologize for the long break in postings…I know that this is taboo in the blogging world.  I went to the beach this weekend for a few days, and I’ve been swamped with work.  So blogging hasn’t been a top priority (beach or blogging, hmmm….).  I just wanted to give everyone a brief update on life here.

The beach was wonderful!  The beach we visited is called Hua-Hin, and it’s down below Bangkok (about a three hour drive).  This is not one of Thailand’s premiere beaches but it’s still great.  Warm water, hot sun, and good friends made it an enjoyable time.  There were even some European nude bathers!!  That’s something you don’t see everyday.  Anyway, it was a good time relaxing.  Teaching is a pretty demanding job (I didn’t realize this) and so taking some time off every now and then is quite refreshing. 

In an earlier blog I menioned how there were a few teachers here at the school who wanted to show the love of Christ and advance His kingdom by buying food for some of the impoverished people who live down the street.  Well, I had the flu and wasn’t able to join, but I did want to give you an update on how it went.  My friends said that the people were extremely grateful for the supplies.  I think they were a little shocked at first, but they responded with thankfulness at our gesture.  We were able to tell them that it was because of Christ’s love for us and them that we do this, and from what I understand that made an impact.  One person even asked for a bible!!  We will be visiting them again this weekend, so in your prayers I would humbly ask you to lift this very small “ministry” gesture up and ask that God would move mightily and advance His kingdom.  Pray that salvation would visit them as they see the beauty of Christ (I hope) lived out among them.

 Also, if you could pray for me.  God is really showing me a lot about myself.  I’m in the refiner’s fire, and there’s a lot of chaff and dross that needs to be melted away.  God is gracious and merciful, but he also chastens those He loves.  I pray that His “fiery” love would burn away all of my “junk.”

Thailand is beautiful.  Things are going well.  And I miss you all.

 In His love.

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  1. Cassidy Spencer permalink
    August 26, 2007 2:06

    You are in Thailand??!! Wow! That is awesome.
    I guess I haven’t caught up with you in awhile. I saw your WordPress on Facebook, so I thought I’d check it out. You were an English major, right? That’s why you write so well.
    Anyways, I will be praying for you as you go through the “refiner’s fire” as you said. Hang in there!

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