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August 4, 2007

Well, I haven’t really posted anything about Thailand in quite a while and since that was originally what this blog was for, I figured it was about time I give my friends and family (and anyone else who’s interested) an update about life over here in this beautiful country.  I don’t have any grand news to tell you all, but I can tell you what I’ve been up to.

I’m still teaching, and I really enjoy it.  I think I’m getting better at it (at least my English classes) and I’ve decided that if I stay another year, I will be able to really put together a great curriculum for these classes.  It’s so hard to teach Thai students who do struggle in some aspects of English how to read, write, and speak like a native English speaker (but that’s my goal).  I think they’re learning and that makes me feel good.  We’re working on writing persuasive essays right now.  Fun!! 😉

I have found something I really like to do for fun on Friday afternoons!!  Some of my students and I go to one of the malls close by where there is an internet cafe and we play my all-time favorite game — Counter-Srike!!  So you might be thinking “You’re in Thailand!!  How could you play video games!!”  But, the cool thing about this is, for less than a dollar (!!) I can play for 80 minutes!  For 40 baht (a dollar is 38 I think) I can play for like 3 hours!  So, it’s such a sweet deal.  It’s a ton of fun to hang with my students.  And I can’t travel every weekend…sometimes just doing nothing is so good.

Speaking of malls, they are really cool here in Thailand.  Most of them are at least 5 stories, ususally more.  They are way bigger than ones I’ve seen in the U.S., although they may not have as many stores.  On the very top of the one I go to (Ngam Wong Wan if you’re interested in the name) is a HUGE pool with slides and stuff to go swimming in!  It’s like a water park on the top of a mall.  I haven’t been, so I can’t say firsthand how it is, but I hear it’s quite fun.  I just think it’s cool that a giant pool is on top of a six story mall!

I fed and petted (is that right? Jeez so much for my English degree) my first elephant last night.  I’ve seen one before walking down the street, but this time the guy persuaded me (very strongly, he basically begged) to feed it.  I have to say it was so amazing.  Elephants are in my top 5 favorite animals.  They are so beautiful!  So, I would pull food out of a bag and he would reach his long trunk and grab it from my hand.  I loved it.  However, there is one downside to this.  It’s really sad to see these majestic creatures in captivity in a city like Bangkok.  They should be free in the countryside, but instead they have to walk down these hard streets, with this bad air, and when we feed them, we just support that treatment.  However, if no one feeds them, they go hungry.  It’s a lose, lose situation.  But, It was pretty amazing to be so close, to pet, and to feed such a beautiful creature.  I will make sure I have my camera on me next time!

I am now teaching an adult English class at the church that’s located on our school property (it’s also the church I attend as of now), and that has been so fun.  Adults are wonderful and humble learners.  They’re here because they want to be, not because they have to be.  It’s been a wonderufl opportunity to make some friendships and it in time will open doors for me to present the gospel.  Pray that God will give me boldness and wisdom as I build relationships.

 Lastly, right down the street from where I live is a shanti-house community.  These people basically live in wooden boxes.  This is not uncommon for Thailand.  You can have nice townhouses and a community of box-houses right beside each other.  In any case, a couple of the teachers and myself realize that teaching is what allows us to be here to minister.  So we’ve decided that we want to start serving the community.  One way we want to do that is to buy tons of fruit and rice for these people living down the street as an act of love and an expression of the Kingdom.  We hope to open some doors (and we know that God will move) to share our faith fueled by our acts of love.  I don’t say this to pat myself on the back.  I say this humbly as one who knows he’s blessed beyond measure and who desperately desires to bless other in some small way.  So pray for this as well. 

Anyhow, that’s a small update on what’s going on over here.  I’m headed to the beach next weekend and I will send pictures out.  This is not one of the world-class beaches (I will be hitting some of those up in October), but beaches are always nice right?!  Be blessed.

In His love.

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  1. August 4, 2007 10:12

    I live in thailand for all of my life and enjoying to read this blog and know what God has been doing in this man’s life. It’s such a great reflection of who you really are.

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