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Weekend of Travelling

July 11, 2007

Hello all!

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted, and the reason for that is I had my first weekend adventure this past weekend.  So I haven’t had much time to write with travelling and school.  But I wanted to share with you about my weekend.

 A group of teachers and a few very good Thai friends travelled to western Thailand to a place called Kanchanaburi.  It was a blast!  For $100 (roughly, and some people spent less), We had accomodations (2 nights), rented motorbikes for two days, had plenty of food, and saw some amazing things!  Talk about a good deal!!

 On Friday, we left the school around 5:30 and took a bus ride to Kanchanaburi.  Traffic in Bangkok  is horrendous on Fridays when it’s raining (which is everyday right now!), and so just to get to the bus station took about 2 hours.  Once we got on the bus, it was another 2 and a half hours (we left at 9).  The bus ride was very interesting, because you could pay for a seat ticket (which we did), or you could just pay to be able to stand.  So there were a lot of people standing up for up to one hour and more (the bus made different stops)! 

We got to our guest house around 11:30, but then decided to go out.  We had a good time playing pool and hanging out.  On Saturday is when our adventure began.  We rented motorbikes.  So, I got to ride my very first motorbike!! It was incredible.  We drove for two hours to some waterfalls that we wanted to see (this is a slightly mountainous area), and so we rode the bikes on a beautiful country road in between the mountains.  It was truly one of the coolest events of my life!  The view was amazing, riding is a ton of fun (but scary too), and you see all kinds of people along the roads who just think its so cool that a Farang (that’s what they call foreigners) is riding a bike. 

 We got to the park with the waterfalls and made a pretty good trek up into the mountains.  Think tropical jungle with beautiful water (like something out of a movie) and you might have a good picture.  We had a good time playing in the water and seeing the beauty of this place.

 On Sunday, we got up and grabbed our sweet motorbikes again and headed for the Tiger Temple.  Here, you have an opportunity to pet tigers (I’m pretty sure they’re drugged).  This too was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.  These cats were HUGE!!  But they pretty much just slept the whole time or just chilled out (like any other cat I’ve ever seen).  Anyway, I got to pet quite a few of them and take tons of pictures. 

There is so much more I could say about the weekend, but really only pictures will do it justice.  So in the next day or so I will be sending out an email with some of the pics.  If you read this blog occasionally but have not received an email from me and you want to, leave a comment on here.  Or email me at and mention that you would like me to add you.  Hope all is well back in the states!

In His Love.

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  1. Sam permalink
    July 12, 2007 11:18

    hey man – thanks for all the pics. We are enjoying all your posts including the devotionals. Keep it up – thanks for letting us go on your trip with you through your blog.

    We love you!

    Sam, Beth, CG and AG

  2. August 7, 2007 9:26

    Nice blog!

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