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Grace for more Grace

July 5, 2007

Hey guys,

I was reading in Renovations From the Heart again today, and wanted to share another passage.  It kind of knocked me out of my seat, because I’ve truly never thought of grace this way before (or at least it hasn’t hit me like it did today).  So here it is:

“The transformation of our inner being is as much or more a gift of grace as is our justification before God.  Of course neither is wholly passive.  (To be forever lost you need only do nothing.  Just stay the course.)  But with reference to both justification and transformation, “boasting is excluded” by the law of grace through faith (Romans 3:27-31; Ephesians 2:1-10).  In fact, we consume the most grace by leading a holy life [!!], in which we must be constantly upheld by grace, not by continuing to sin and being repeatedly forgiven.  The interpreation of grace as having only to do with guilt is utterly false to biblical teaching and renders spiritual life in Christ unintelligible.” (P. 82)

I really have never thought about the fact that it takes more grace to live a holy/Christlike life, than to receive grace for sin committed.  Now, I’ve heard the cliche “it’s only by the grace of God I am what I am today” statements, but it has never hit me until now.  To go on sinning and asking for forgiveness and that whole vicious cycle certainly gives us access to God’s grace.  Sure.  In fact most of us live the whole of our Christain lives here.  But, if we truly want to embrace the “fullness” of God grace, let us begin to pursue the transformation of our hearts, minds, and souls, having them conformed to the image of Christ.  It is here that we will find how much we are in constant need of God’s continuing grace in our lives.  God graciously allows us a part in this wonderful process (it’s called synergism and it’s the only way I can make since of the Christian “walk”).  But it is the constant presence of His grace that oversees and completes the process.  And this is the only way boasting can be “excluded.” 

So, I say go live in the grace of the Lord Almighty today.  And pursue the complete transformation of your character having it conformed to the image of Christ.  Be bold.  Be diligent.  For it will be the grace of God that leads you and completes his perfect character in you.  And you (and I) will humbly fall down at the “throne of grace” and proclaim how gracious the Lord really has been.

 Dwell in grace. 

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