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Shortening the Ears

June 30, 2007

Well, I got my first haircut in Thailand today.  I’ve got to say I was pretty nervous.  I mean, I cannot speak a lick of Thai…I try words, but I haven’t quite gotten the sounds down yet.  Anyway, there was no way for me to communicate to him except to motion what I wanted.  He did a really good job though.  I’m super impressed.  I just point to my sides and said “three” and pointed to his blade.  And then I made cutting motions for the top of my head so he would trim it up there.  I got a little scared when he started shaving the top with a blade (it was a 4), but it turned out as good as it would have in the states.  So…my first haircut experience turned out A-okay!

 But check this out.  In Thailand you get the royal treatment for a haircut.  As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted warmly by an attractive young women who then took me back in the back and…(get your head out of the gutter!) proceeded to wash my hair 4 times!!!  It was like having a head massage for 15 minutes!!  Absolutely amazing!  And so I got a head massage/shampoo and a haircut for a grand total of…(drums please!) $6!!!!  Can you believe it?!

 In His love.

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