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My Discovery

June 29, 2007

I’ve learned something about myself in the last few weeks as I learn how to teach.  I am so unorganized!!  I know, I know…shouldn’t this have been obvious before now?  But in all honesty, I’ve never realized it.  I always considered myself organized and on top of things.  I think maybe that’s because I consider myself a neat person (my parents may not agree).  And, in college I would blame it on procrastination.  But it’s different here…now…teaching.  I actually spend a lot of time working on lesson plans and being prepared.  But, I forget everything I’ve done the day before, and so I feel completely out of the loop!  It’s unorganization at its finest! 

But, this is good.  I realize this now, and being a teacher forces me to correct this problem.  Lesson planning for an entire week is wonderful practice for unorganization.  And so, I’m learning.  A lot about myself.  A lot about life.  And a lot about how unorganized I am!  And I know that a year from now I will be better at organization than before.  I still may not be the most organized, but I will improve!  I promise!! 🙂


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